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Mixing Toolbox for Cubase 7.5

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Steinberg's Cubase 7.5 is a mixer’s and remixer’s playground. Join Cubase product specialist Matt Hepworth, as he takes you through all the tools and techniques jammed into Cubase’s extensive Mixing Toolbox!App Features:• 216 minutes of video training• Super clear explanations• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)• Easy to navigate
Course Outline:1. Welcome to The Mixing Toolbox (01:04)2. The Objective of Mixing (02:49)3. Three Pro-mix Techniques (11:26)4. Overview of the MixConsole (07:48)5. Colorizing the Project Window (05:49)6. Using Folder Tracks (06:32)7. Using Group Channel Tracks (07:12)8. Detecting and Stripping Silence (08:27)9. Converting MIDI to Audio (06:37)10. Auditioning Track Presets (10:36)11. Adjusting Channel Volumes (05:38)12. Controlling Dynamics with Compression (09:15)13. Adjusting Group Channel Faders (03:38)14. Adjusting Event Volumes (03:57)15. Where and Why We Pan (08:20)16. Panning Drum Tracks (10:54)17. Panning Bass Tracks (05:26)18. Panning Guitar Tracks (07:51)19. Panning Keyboard Tracks (07:16)20. Panning Vocal Tracks (07:55)21. Panning for Other Instrumentation (01:56)22. Frequency Ranges (03:38)23. Using the Cubase EQ (11:20)24. Channel and Group EQ (03:01)25. Using Inserts or FX Channel Tracks (05:39)26. Adding FX Channels (08:42)27. Simple Mix Automation (03:57)28. Mix Automation Lanes (04:47)29. Signal Flow (08:25)30. Monitoring the Clip Indicator (07:06)31. Preparations for Mixdown (05:46)32. Matt’s Multi-mixdown Method (08:09)33. Batch Exporting your Project (04:37)